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Manage your professional information all in one place at no cost. Display your verified credentials to employers, payers, and others. Track your advanced credentials, licensure, CPE, employment, interests and more using our secure online platform.

Your Profile will be used to determine if you’re eligible to provide patient care services. An up-to-date, complete Profile is a vital step along the path to full recognition as a health care provider and valued member of the health care team.

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Are you looking for verified information about pharmacists’ professional credentials? To make informed decisions, you need informed data. And you need it fast.

Leverage the first single source repository of the nation’s pharmacist providers. Pharmacy Profiles is customizable, state-specific, and designed to ensure you gain the intelligence you need in no time.

Streamline pharmacists’ professional information in one easy-to-use, secure platform.

Pharmacy Profiles Launches Pilot in California

California pharmacists can now access the nation’s first single source repository for pharmacists’ professional information. Together with the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Pharmacy Profiles will use this pilot to test our technology platform and demonstrate the power of putting a comprehensive array of professional information at your fingertips.

Under the new Medi-Cal law, qualified pharmacists can now provide and be compensated for patient care services. Health provider status in action! As the patient care roles of pharmacists continues to evolve – and state and federal pharmacy practice regulations continue to change – Pharmacy Profiles makes tracking verified pharmacist information easy.

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Visit us at Western Pharmacy Exchange

Visit Pharmacy Profiles at Western Pharmacy Exchange at booth #174. Learn more about our free service that will help pharmacists manage their professional information all in one place -- securely and easily.

Meet the Pharmacy Profiles Team

As part of our pilot in partnership with the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Pharmacy Profiles has begun implementing our communications plan to introduce our service to California pharmacists across the state. In addition to online and print communications, members of the Pharmacy Profiles team will be participating in several events this fall across California.

Provider Status at the Federal and State Level

APhA and its partners in the Patients’ Access to Pharmacist Care Coalition (PAPCC) remain focused on efforts to advance the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (H.R. 592/S. 109) on Capitol Hill.